Flight Training Information

Pilot Training

  • Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL)
  • Private Pilot Licence (PPL)
  • Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)
  • Airline Transport Licence (ATPL)

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  • RA-Aus to RPL
  • RA-Aus to PPL
  • TTMA
  • Foreign to Australian Licence


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  • Formation flight
  • Spin Training
  • Night Visual Flight Rules (NVMC) endorsement


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Other Training

  • Aircraft Flight Reviews (AFR) formerly BFR
  • Controlled airspace operations endorsement
  • Warbird Flight Training
  • Tiger Moth Training

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Multi Engine Rating Training (Endorsement)

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Floatplane Endorsements


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Flying Boat Endorsements


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A wide range of licensing opportunities are available at ADFA Caboolture. From RPL to APTL, there's a license for pilots just starting out, to the more advanced.


As per the list above, other conversions also include:

  • Gliders to Powered Aircraft

Aircraft Design Feature Endorsements

  • Tailwheel undercarriage (TWU)
  • Retractable undercarriage (RU)
  • Manual Propeller Pitch Control (MPPC)
  • Floating Hull (FLH)
  • Floatplane (FLP)
  • Pressurisation System (PXS)
  • Gas Turbine Engine (GTE)


As can be seen above, license endorsements are available at ADFA Caboolture. Aircraft Design Feature Endorsements can be seen in the left hand section.

Class Ratings

Class ratings available include:

  • Single Engine Class (SEA)
  • Multi-Engine Class(MEA)

Flight Reviews

Flight reviews may be attained through ADFA Caboolture, however the review must be undertaken on the owners aircraft or school aircraft. Flight reviews are unavailable for experimental type aircraft.

Warbird Conversions

War bird conversions include operations (including Adventure Flights), conversions (academy or own aircraft), and also assistance with expositions set-up.

Radio Operations

Radio operations training includes:

  • Flight Radio Operators Licence (FROL)
  • Radio Operator Certificate (ROC)

Other Training

Other training options that fall outside the aforementioned categories include:

  • English language assessment – level 6 (ELP)
  • English language assessment – (GELP)
  • GPS endorsement – enroute navigation - log book entry
  • Controlled airspace operations endorsement